Backpacking Personal Gear List

Remember that everything you bring YOU will have to carry. You can get by with a lot less than
you think. Try to pack those things that can do double duty, a rolled up fleece can double as a
pillow and why bring a knife to use for eating when you are bringing a pocketknife. Remember
to dress in layers and stay away from cotton. 

  • Rain Gear
  • Extra socks (wool or synthetic/wool blend, cotton only makes you colder once it gets wet)
  • Change of underwear
  • Flashlight or headlight
  • Pocket knife
  • Bowl or plate ( a Frisbee* works great)
  • Cup
  • Fork or spoon or spork or foon, something to shovel in the calories.
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Fleece or Jacket
  • Stocking cap (wear it at night to stay warmer)
  • Gloves as the weather dictates
  • Long under wear as the weather dictates
  • Sleeping clothes ( you will stay warmer by changing into dry clean clothes at night)
  • Personal hygiene kit or at least a toothbrush please!
  • Sleeping bag rated for the weather
  • Sleeping pad.
  • Trail mix or some other portable snack for yourself.
  • 2 water bottles with one bottle being at least one liter capacity
  • Hat for Sun/Rain
  • Personal First Aid kit ( Moleskin, bandages, etc.)

    Notice there are no extra changes of clothes. We’re backpacking, and really we’ll look just as good on the second day as we did the first. Remember you will also be carrying your share of the food and cooking kits, etc. Do bring clothes you can change into for the ride home (we can leave those in the car and needn’t carry them) and remember to bring money for lunch on the way home Sunday.

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